This villa was built on order in the turbulent 70s of the 20th century. Many Sicilians from the upper classes go in the summer to their second home in the mountains or at sea to enjoy the cool sea breeze. From May until late September, summer temperatures prevail and values ​​up to 38 degrees at the peak of the day are not unusual. Then Palermo is not a comfortable place to be. In the four hot summer months  Addaura  is Brighton for Palermo: without smog and noise and the heat is suddenly more bareable.

In the morning you descend to the private entrance to the sea, where you dive into the sea with mask and snorkel, and enjoy the beautiful underwater world. Please use adequate rubber shoes, because the rocks are nasty sharp in some places.

The rest of the day you can cool off at one of the terraces, the best place to be in Sicily, where life between 1300-16.00 hr comes to a stop (siesta).

In the evening it gets dark early and you can enjoy an immense starry sky on the roof of the house far from the light pollution in the big city.